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Melatonina Zinco-SelenioDr. Pierpaoli

useful as food supplement in the treatment of jet lag syndrome, trouble sleeping, insomnia and mild state of fatigue.

Ingredient Orato di zinco; melatonina; povidonum (kollidon CL-M); cutina HR; povidonum (kollidon 25); magnesio stearato; selenio chelato; avicel ph 102; come edulcorante il mannitolo.

How to use Take always peremptorily at the same time, with tolerance half hour. Between 40 and 50 years of age: one tablet of 1mg, always and only in the evening, at bedtime. After 50 years, up to 75 years of age: 1 to 3 mg (two tablets) at bedtime. From 75 years of age: 3 tablets of 1 mg at bedtime. Higher doses are unnecessary and not recommended, and the operation during the day.

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